Research Grants

Wellbeing of Women awards Research Grants worth a maximum of £200,000 over one to three years for research in basic science, clinical or translational research in the following areas:

  • Gynaecological cancers
  • Pregnancy and birth, including preterm birth, miscarriage and fertility
  • General wellbeing issues, including menopause, incontinence and prolapse, sexual health, menstrual disorders and endometriosis

Research must be undertaken in the UK or Eire.

Scottish Grant

In the 2016 grant round, awarded in February, we were pleased to announce a special call with the Chief Scientist Office in Scotland. Funding was made available for an appropriate project from a lead applicant with a tenured post at a recognised Scottish university, NHS hospital or research institute. This did not impact on our usual grant round, which was open to applicants from across the UK and Eire as usual.

This award is currently closed for applications.

Research Grants awarded in 2015

Ms Kathryn Fitzpatrick, University of Oxford

Risk factors, management and outcomes of amniotic fluid embolism

£24,862.55 over 36 months; project funded by the Lisa Waterman Fund

Professor Stephen Franks, Imperial College London

Understanding how genetic factors affect the function of the ovaries in polycystic ovary syndrome

£32,645 over 12 months

Dr Jacqueline Maybin, Queen’s Medical Research Institute Edinburgh

Understanding why women have heavy periods: the role of oxygen and blood vessels

£179,486 over 36 months