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The Baby Bio Bank (BBB) is a project collecting biological samples to aid research into the four main complications of pregnancy: Intra-uterine Growth Restriction (IUGR); Recurrent Miscarriage; Prematurity and Pre-eclampsia. The project is also collecting a normal cohort for comparative analysis. By collecting biological samples from both parents (blood samples) and from the baby (term placenta which is normally discarded after birth, cord blood and fetal membranes) together with demographic and clinical data the aim is to provide researchers with the tools to determine the biological and genetic aetiology of these complications.

The Bank is led by Professor Lesley Regan, internationally acclaimed obstetrician and gynaecologist and recurrent miscarriage expert at Imperial College, and Professor Gudrun Moore, genetics specialist in pregnancy complications and intrauterine growth restriction at UCL.

You can read more about the team and processes behind the Bank here.

You can also listen to a podcast interview about the Baby Bio Bank, with Professor Lesley Regan and Professor Gudrun Moore here:

The Wellbeing of Women Baby Bio Bank was enabled by the 2008 Lord Mayor’s Appeal and other generous donors. You can read about these here. 

The Baby Bio Bank team had a paper about its establishment published in the Journal of General Practice. You can read it here.


Applications to the Bank are considered on a rolling basis, with meetings to consider applications being approximately every four months. The Resource Management Board will next meet to consider applications in March 2014. If approval is granted you will be notified asap and the Baby Bio Bank Resource Manager will liaise with you to arrange delivery of samples. If approval is denied you will be given feedback as to why.

Before applying it is essential that you read the Application Criteria, which can be viewed here. You should also pay particular attention to the Conditions for Use and Access to BBB Biological Specimens (Section 16) in the Baby Bio Bank Protocol.

The Baby Bio Bank sample availability and price list is as follows: The Baby Bio Bank sample availability and price list is available on request from the Baby Bio Bank Manager Nita Solanky

Please apply to access the Bank using this application form. Applications should be sent to ensuring that you have included: application form and documents requested therein; signed Protocol; documents confirming peer review and R&D approval.

If you have any queries regarding applying to the Bank please email putting 'QUERY' as your subject line.

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