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How You Can Help - Just by telling us your story

At Wellbeing of Women we fund research into a wide range of women's health issues. If you have suffered from any problems in pregnancy and birth or general gynaecoglogical issues, either in the past, or currently then we would be interested in hearing your story. (Please visit Your Wellbeing to find out more about the areas that we cover).

Why are your stories so helpful?
In order to reach as many women as possible we rely on the media to give us coverage for our campaigns and they often like to feature stories from 'real women'.  These stories also reassure other women that they are not alone, if they are fellow sufferers, and provide a platform for our experts to give informed advice about the condition to those who might be worried or concerned for their health.

What does it involve?
We always make sure that anyone coming forward to tell us their story is dealt with sensitively and respectfully.These kind of health issues can be difficult to talk about and we appreciate that.  But your story is important to us and could be very helpful to other women.

Initially we will have an informal chat with you about your condition, what kind of media you would be prepared to have it featured in and what other kinds of involvement you would be prepared to have.  Normally the main use of these stories/case studies is in the press and you might only have to be interviewed by a PR company or by a journalist, however we do occasionally have requests for radio and TV.  You can decide on the level you want to be invovled at: eg Wellbeing of Women publications and website only, press only and so on.

We will then take down your story and send you back the finished write up for you to approve and to formally agree to, we might also ask you for a recent photograph.

If you would like to have an informal chat about telling us your story please contact us by filling out the form below:

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Alternatively you can contact us on 020 3697 7000 or email putting 'Tell Us Your Story' in the subject box.


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