MenoUltras: 12 ULTRA Marathons in 12 Days in World Record Attempt

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One of our amazing supporters will be running 12 ultra-marathons in 12 days in a bid to set a new World Record and raise money for menopause research.

Erica Clarkson will attempt her awe-inspiring feat on a 400M running track in the Orkney Islands, Scotland in aid of Wellbeing of Women.

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You can support Erica here

Erica said: “My aim is to raise as much money as possible, so that together we can fund research into the menopause.

“My hope is that my 12 Menopause Ultra Marathons will raise awareness of the menopause, the symptoms many women experience and to encourage others to think about how they can create healthy lifestyles to help them through this period of their lives – and beyond.”

Erica’s symptoms began in 2016 when she was 45 years old, but it wasn’t until she started experiencing hot flushes a year later that she realised she was peri-menopause.

I didn’t realise what it was at the time. I couldn’t tolerate interruptions at work, I couldn’t multi-task anymore, I had constant brain-fog and I couldn’t keep the weight off,” she said.

“I hated everyone and everything and my sleep was suffering – I was so tired. Constantly tired. I was always crying.”

She added:I was revolting to live with, my energy levels were unbelievably low and I felt that I was losing my identity. Oh and I was (and still am) plagued with an urgent need to pee. This is mortifying as you can imagine.”

Erica’s GP recommended exercising to manage the symptoms and having been a runner in younger years, Erica donned her trainers and headed out.

She said: “Exercise has been incredibly helpful in managing my symptoms. I sleep better, I’m less grumpy. By default, I’ve improved my diet so I can now manage my weight and I feel deeply connected to the running community. I’ve met amazing women doing some amazing thing.

“I also started overdosing on research and literature and was fairly horrified by the lack of robust, academically sound reading available to me. It was a menopausal desert! Which is why I was so excited to find Wellbeing of Women. At last – some sensible ideas and advice.

She added: “I want to encourage EVERYONE to start talking about the menopause. It’s a thing. A real thing. And although every woman is wired differently, we’ll all experience it on some level. I’d like to help shift the taboo and help Wellbeing of Women to make it mainstream.”

You can support Erica here

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