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Find out about some of the health conditions that we fund across the areas of pregnancy & birth, gynaecological cancers and general wellbeing such as endometriosis or menopause. Click on the pictures below to read more.

Pregnancy and Birth

Gynaecological Cancers

Your Wellbeing

Premature baby with wires and adult hand on their head

Francesca’s Story – Research Gives Hope to Families at Christmas

After suffering multiple miscarriages and a stillbirth, Francesca thought her dream of having a family was over. Now, thanks to pioneering research, she’s enjoying...

Seeing your General Practitioner

We hope that by providing you with some information in regards to GP assessments of your medical history, intimate female examinations and potential investigations...

Fertility & IVF

Fertility & IVF The journey to starting a family is not always straight forward. It can be a confusing and emotionally difficult time when things...

12 Frequently Asked Questions about Fertility and IVF

12 Frequently Asked Questions about Fertility and IVF My periods are irregular is this affecting my chances to get pregnant? If a woman has...

Alice Pakenham opens up about endometriosis and pregnancy

Wellbeing of Women philanthropy manager Alice Pakenham opens up about her endometriosis and pregnancy journey Alice Pakenham was diagnosed with endometriosis in 2009 at the...