Endometriosis sufferer enters Dublin Marathon for Wellbeing

Wellbeing Supporter Joins the Dublin Marathon to Raise Funding for Endometriosis

Our brilliant supporter Alice Trent will be taking part in the Dublin Marathon in aid of Wellbeing of Women.

Alice suffers from a debilitating condition endometriosis and hopes to raise money and awareness for the poorly understood disease.

Girl smiling at camera
Alice Trent

Alice has been kind enough to share her story:

“I have been dealing with pelvic pain and fatigue since I was a teenager but without a concrete diagnosis of anything I had come to assume this was just normal for all women my age.

“I first knew something was really wrong when severe pain and bleeding lead to an emergency hospital admission in the middle of the night.

“Over the next few months I struggled to continue working due to the kind of pain which made me feel sick and faint.”

After numerous hospital admission, Alice had an emergency laparoscopy and was diagnosed with endometriosis.


She said: “This was the real culprit! The disease had grown and caused havoc on my bladder, bowel, both ovarian fossas, both uteral sacral ligaments, pelvic wall and more.”

Alice said the condition has impacted all aspects of her life.

She said: “At one stage I had to cut my working hours right down to manage the pain and fatigue and even then, I was still having almost monthly hospital admissions for symptom management.

“Sometimes the pain would make me vomit- which seemed to always happen in the most embarrassing social situations (on my boyfriend when he was in his work suit being the most memorable)

“However, I do think the main impact it has had has been mentally. I worry about infertility, about managing the condition at work, sometimes I feel awkward to talk about it with friends and colleagues. Problems with organs in the pelvis aren’t always great conversation starters. “

Alice has had multiple major surgeries and different treatments.

She added: “There are many other things I like to do which help manage the pain and fatigue- like gentle exercise, diet, yoga and mindfulness. Having counselling has also helped me to talk more openly about it all, and navigate the emotional effects of living with the condition.”

Why Wellbeing of Women

 Alice added: “I chose to support Wellbeing of Women because I had read about the research they are funding into potential new ways to both diagnose and treat endometriosis.

“The journey to an endometriosis diagnosis is a long and painful one, with symptoms getting much worse before having any kind of relief.

“Even after diagnosis, treatment does not tend to be straightforward, with many women continuing to experience severe pain and/or infertility as a result of the disease.

“Now that I am recovered from surgery and feeling stronger again, myself and my friend Emma want to raise as much money and awareness as we can for Wellbeing of Women by running the Dublin Marathon.”

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