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Research Project Grants

Support independent researchers leading their own work


Research Project Grants (RG) provide funding for research projects lasting up to three years and costing up to £200,000. Funds may only be used for directly incurred research costs.

Projects will be considered for basic science, clinical and translational research, including explanatory or feasibility studies and systematic reviews, that seeks to improve the health of women, girls and babies in one of the following areas:

  • Pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period
  • Gynaecological cancers
  • General wellbeing issues surrounding women’s reproductive and gynaecological health

Awards are intended to support independent researchers leading their own work at recognised Universities or NHS Trusts in the UK. Applications are encouraged from multi-disciplinary teams.

Wellbeing of Women supports collaborative research projects, especially between academic and industry researchers, although the contracted grant (and associated funding arrangements) will be with the lead applicant's institution. Collaborations with industry are not restricted to UK-based companies. Named academic/clinical collaborators are permitted from outside the UK, but the lead applicant must be UK based.

How to apply

The application form and guidelines will be made available for download at call launch.

If you have any queries, please contact the Wellbeing of Women research team at or call 020 3697 6350.