The Gender Pain Gap: Women’s Lunch 2018

Paula Sherriff, Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group of Women's Health spoke passionately about her work and along with two endometriosis sufferers and expert, Professor Krina Zondervan.

Tina Weaver, Jenny Betts, Paula Sherriff mp, Pro Krona Zondervan, Sinead Smythe & Kay Burley
Tina Weaver, Jenny Betts, Paula Sherriff MP, Prof Krina Zondervan, Sinead Smythe & Kay Burley Photo: Alan Davidson/AJDImagesLtd

Thank you to all who joined us at Women’s Lunch 2018: The Gender Pain Gap.

Wellbeing of Women hosted the 13th Annual Women’s Lunch at the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. The lunch, sponsored by PwC and hosted by Sky News Presenter Kay Burley, united businesswomen, doctors, celebrities, and supporters to champion women’s health.

It was an honour to be surrounded by such inspiring, strong women – coming together to support other women.

The focus of this year’s event was endometriosis, despite being a common condition – with 1 in 10 women a sufferer –  it remains largely unknown and overlooked. On average, women struggle in silence for seven years before being diagnosed.

Paula Sherriff, MP. PC: Alan Davidson/AJDImagesLtd

Our key note speaker, Paula Sherriff, who led the abolition of the Tampon Tax and self-styled first MP to say ‘vagina’ in the House of Commons, spoke about her role as Chair of All Parliamentary Party Group in Women’s Health. It was her own health issues that led her to found the APPG, with the purpose of empowering women to ensure that they can make an informed choice about the best treatment for them.

Kay Burley & Natasha Kaplinsky
PC: Alan Davidson/AJDImagesLtd

We also thank Jenny Betts and Sinead Smythe for sharing their personal battles with endometriosis who told of how they have been rushed to hospital scores of times in acute pain. 

Jenny Betts sharing her story. PC: Alan Davidson/AJDImagesLtd

Sinead Smythe talking about endometriosis. PC: Alan Davidson/AJDImagesLtd

It was impossible not to be moved by their stories, or to deny the urgent need for improved treatments for this cruel disease, which is why research, led by Professor Krina Zondervan and funded by Wellbeing of Women, is so vital.

Prof Zondervan joined us and spoke about her work in investigating the link between auto-immune disorders and endometriosis, to better understand the disease and pave the way for new treatments. Prof Zondervan is also working with WoW researcher Professor Andrew Horne, who is re-purposing anti-cancer drugs in small doses after discovering that endometriosis cells act in a similar way to cancer cells.

This groundbreaking research could help the 176 million women affected by endometriosis worldwide.

Izzy Judd with Sinead

A huge thank you to our sponsors PwC for championing women’s health – without their continued support this event would not be possible.

Please do stay in touch and we hope to see you at one of our events later this year.