Help Wellbeing of Women fund better IVF treatment for couples for Fertility Awareness Week

This week marks Fertility Awareness Week in the UK and, with infertility affecting 1 in 7 couples, there’s never been a more pressing time to help couples conceive.

Wellbeing of Women are funding pioneering research by top IVF expert to determine the best IVF methods to ensure a successful birth.

Professor Scott Nelson at the University of Glasgow is leading the way in identifying best practice in IVF.

With 47,422 women in the UK undertaking a total of 62,155 IVF, Wellbeing of Women hopes to help develop a model to predict individual chances of successful treatment.

Professor Nelson said: “Trying for a baby is an anxious time and when couples are referred for IVF treatment they are often feeling at their most vulnerable and this can make them open to trying any add on treatment in the hope of conceiving.

“I am currently leading a research project with funding from Wellbeing of Women, the UK’s leading medical research charity into women’s reproductive health that will identify best practice in IVF treatment in order to maximise success rates for couples trying for a baby.

“We believe this research will show that it is IVF treatment that has the biggest impact on achieving a family and not the extra add-ons.”

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