Wellbeing supporter joins half marathon after IVF battle

Kelly Matthews hopes to raise money for better fertility treatment

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Kelly will be running 13 miles next year

Kelly Matthews, 26, has revealed her pregnancy struggle and why she’s taking on the Bath Half Marathon in support of Wellbeing of Women.

The HR Assistant from Gloucester hopes to help other women who are unable to conceive, after having three failed rounds of IVF, herself.

“I guess I kind of thought IVF would be my miracle and it would just happen.”

Speaking about her IVF journey, Kelly said: “I hit rock bottom.

“When I first found out that I would need IVF I really struggled to come to terms with it as I am such a maternal person. I really got my hopes up for my first round and I thought that it would just work first time – I got my positive pregnancy test and then the result got fainter and fainter, resulting in an early miscarriage.”

Kelly believes the stress of IVF led to her marriage breaking down.

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Kelly explained: “I then hit absolute rock bottom and suffered with anxiety and depression – which is still something I am battling with the help of NHS counsellors.

“I guess I kind of thought IVF would be my miracle and it would just happen.”

Kelly aims to do her next round straight after the Bath Half Marathon and achieve her dream of having a child.

“I wanted to get fit and do something for charity so that I could keep my mind off the fertility treatment and also complete this massive achievement.

“I wanted to find a Charity close to my heart, I didn’t have very much support when I had my three rounds of IVF and I want to improve this for woman as well as make a difference to the training of fertility specialist and help with the science of IVF,” she added.

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Despite never having enter a marathon before, Kelly is already running about 4-5 miles and is aiming for a commendable time of 2.5 hours.

Kelly added: “I want to help with the training of fertility specialist so that new and improved fertility treatments can be discovered.

“IVF is an amazing scientific discovery but unfortunately doesn’t work for everyone so I would love to see something new be developed which can help more women and men with infertility.”

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