Wellbeing of Women partner with kids’ fundraising party service Little Sharers

Little Sharers launched last September with WoW as one of the chosen charities

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Little Sharers plan kids' fundraisers

We’re excited to announce we have been chosen as one of the benefiting charities of Little Sharers, who organise kids’ fundraising parties.

We spoke to the founder Alexandra Snowdon-Brenninkmeijer on the launch of her novel concept and why she choose to partner with WoW.

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Why did you launch Little Sharers, and can you tell us more about the mission?

I decided to launch Little Sharers as I wanted to give kids an opportunity to learn about social and environmental issues and to empower them to be part of the solution. Children are hugely supportive of charitable activities in their schools and local communities. Little Sharers gives children the chance to use their special day to support a charity that is important to them. I also thought of all us busy mums and how much easier it would be if we could simply RSVP to a party and contribute to a gift from our phones.

Little Sharers launched last September, what was it like holding your first party and watching it grow from there?

It has been a hugely exciting to see Little Sharers grow from an idea a few years ago to the moment the first party closed and the first charity received their gift donation. I have particularly loved getting to know the charities we partner with and to learn more about the incredible work that is happening in these fantastic organisations.

How did you choose the selected charities?

We chose charities that would connect and resonate with children – charities that support the environment, other children and health issues that might affect a loved one.

Why was Wellbeing of Women’s work close to your heart?

I approached Wellbeing of Women to partner with Little Sharers as I was lucky enough to be introduced by my brilliant OB who is a trustee. I support WOW because as a mother of two little healthy little girls, I am incredibly indebted to the medical research into healthy pregnancies preventing miscarriages and premature births.

What would it mean to you if Little Sharers were able to help Women of Wellbeing put an end to some of the reproductive health issues women face and improve treatments and patient care?

Wellbeing of Women’s comprehensive remit for women’s health is extraordinary. I think it would be so empowering for my daughters and other girls to support the research being done today which will have far-reaching and long-term impact and benefit for their futures.

We couldn’t have said it better!