Professor Scott Nelson was awarded £62,135 over 24 months

Infertility affects one in seven couples, with 47,422 women in the UK undertaking a total of 62,155 in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) in 2012.

Professor Scott Nelson at the University of Glasgow is working with a world-leading team to improve success rates in IVF. The aim of the project is to give couples a clearer understanding of their success rates and improve practises in IVF.

Professor Scott Nelson said: “With funding from Wellbeing of Women, a world-leading team will address the three  principal questions that patients, clinicians and funders are currently asking of IVF all over the world. Firstly, what is the optimal number of eggs required to maximise the chance of success for an IVF cycle.

“Secondly, will retrieving the eggs, fertilising them and then freezing all the embryos before replacing them in a different cycle improve live-birth and reduce the chance of a pregnancy complication.

“Thirdly, the team will develop a mathematical model to allow patients and funders to know what their chances of success are and what it could cost.”

This model will then be made freely available online.

Collectively this work will ensure that every couple has the best possible chance of having the family they desire.

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This project is co-funded by the Scottish Government, Chief Scientist Office