PwC summit Mount Kilimanjaro for Wellbeing of Women

Our PwC trekkers took on the mighty challenge of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro whilst raising funds for Wellbeing of Women. One of the trekking team, Jennifer Evans, tells us about this life-changing experience in her own words:

Climbing to the ‘Roof of Africa’ to help save the lives of women and babies isn’t what I thought working at PwC would involve, but our recent trek up Mount Kilimanjaro has proved there is so much more to working at this great company.

I signed up to do the trek because I wanted to do something challenging, that would also enable me to help others. Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro has allowed me to do all of this and much more, and I wanted to share my journey to encourage others to do the same.

Our team of 14 from PwC, made it to the top of Kilimanjaro!! We climbed our little socks off to reach the top and raise awareness and funds (over £25,000 including Gift Aid) for the fantastic cause of Wellbeing of Women. Our adventure started many months ago and over time we have truly bonded as a team (already looking for our next adventure/challenge).

Our time on the mountain was incredible. We set off from Rongai village on February 19 with the most fabulous crew of guides, porters and cooks. We initially passed through the thick forests at the bottom, climbing into the moorland and onto the open expanses with no shelter from the rain and sun. We had rain everyday but not enough to dampen our spirits.

On arrival at our first camp the support team welcomed us with a song and dance. This was such a fantastic way to be welcomed onto the mountain, their enthusiasm had us all clapping along in no time and we were so appreciative. We loved the songs and learnt the words adapting them to thank the porters for their help. We sang to them the next evening which resulted in many a giggle by the crew as we struggled and mispronounced the words. We later redeemed ourselves on the last morning when we sang a song about our trip which two of the climbers (Andy and Emily) had written one evening while sitting in the dinner tent, drinking tea.

The support team were incredible, waking us each morning for an early rise at 6.30 by shaking our tents and with breakfast already prepared. They cook at high altitude with such limited resources and even managed to make a birthday cake for one of the crew’s birthday’s! They were also so knowledgeable and great to chat to as we climbed higher and further into the wilds of Mount Kilimanjaro.

We pushed our bodies close to their limits and it was exhilarating. There were many tears across the group – tears of joy, of pain, of every emotion you can imagine. Summit night truly challenged us but adrenalin and knowing that we were raising money and awareness for Wellbeing drove us on. We were rewarded with not only the sense of satisfaction but also the beauty and magic of watching sunrise in one of the world’s most incredible settings. Standing at the very tip was truly the best feeling in the world!

We completed the trek on Feb 25 and can’t believe that we are now back! It feels odd, as if the trip were both ages ago and like we haven’t even left yet! The experience was very possibly the most incredible one most of us have ever had in our lives.

We stood on the ‘Roof of Africa’ as a united group fundraising for Wellbeing of Women. For anyone out there with a sense of adventure looking for a challenge we would recommend you tackle this mountain! It’s a monster but with the support crew there is nothing you can’t achieve!