Research in progress

Wellbeing of Women has been funding medical research for more than 54 years. Our projects are making a vital difference to the lives of women and babies today and tomorrow. The following projects are being carried out by our researchers across a broad spectrum of women’s health both in the UK and internationally: 

Postdoctoral Research Fellowships


Dr Roseanne Rosario, University of Edinburgh: Pathogenesis of Fragile X-associated premature ovarian insufficiency

£26,247 over 24 months

Research Project Grants


Dr Jane Cleal, University of Southampton: Using 3D imaging and single-cell gene expression to identify molecular markers of a uterus lining that is receptive to embryo implantation

£ 192,724 over 36 months

This work is due to start in April 2019.

Professor Dharani Hapangama, University of Liverpool: The EXPEDITE study: metabolomics and cytokine profile analysis in biofluids to develop a non-invasive diagnostic test for ectopic pregnancy

£197,039 over 36 months

Professor Molly Stevens & Professor Richard Smith, Imperial College, London: A Bioengineering Approach for Treating intrauterine AdhesionS and Helping Endometrial Regeneration (BeAT AsHER)

£199,267 over 36 months

Professor Krina Zondervan, University of Oxford: Unravelling the association between endometriosis and auto-immune diseases

£72,448 over 26 months


Dr Sarah McClelland, Barts Cancer Institute: Preventing Chemotherapy Resistance in Ovarian Cancer by targeting Chromosomal Instability

£134,193 over 24 months

Dr Stamatina Iliodromiti, Queen Mary University of London: Birthweight and associated risk of disease and death

£129,549 over 24 months


Professor Andrew Horne, University of Edinburgh: Novel repurposing of anticancer drugs to treat endometriosis

£198,864 over 24 months

Professor Pauline Slade, University of Liverpool: The impact of traumatic perinatal experiences in obstetricians and gynaecologists: implications for mental health and wellbeing

£71,697 over 18 months

Professor Scott Nelson, University of Glasgow/Glasgow Royal Infirmary: Identifying best practice in IVF

£62,135 over 24 months

Dr Sharon Cameron, University of Edinburgh/Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh: Post Placental Intrauterine contraception (PPIUC): Health Service Evaluation

£146,890 over 24 months


Dr Jacqueline Maybin, Queen’s Medical Research Institute, University of Edinburgh: Does increased endometrial perfusion and lack of hypoxia at menstruation lead to heavy menstrual bleeding?

£179,486 over 36 months

Ms Kathryn Fitzpatrick, University of Oxford: Risk factors, Management and Outcomes of Amniotic-Fluid Embolism

£24,862 over 36 months


Dr Lucy Mackillop, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust, John Radcliffe Hospital: Pregnancy in women with cystic fibrosis: a UK-wide study of maternal and neonatal outcomes

£15,000 over 24 months

Professor Gordon Jayson, Christie Hospital and University of Manchester:Resistance mechanisms to the treatment of ovarian cancer with drugs targeting the tumour vasculature

£199,631 over 24 months


Dr Felicity May/Dr Richard Edmondson, Newcastle University/University of Manchester: Development and validation of predictive biomarkers in potentially hormone responsive gynaecological cancers

£ 177,952 over 36 months

Research Training Fellowships


Dr David Jeevan, University of Birmingham: Unravelling the steroid metabolome in ovarian cancer to improve early diagnosis and therapy

£181,956 over 24 months


Dr Nicola Tempest, University of Liverpool: Analysis of human endometrial epithelial stem cells and their niche in health and disease by lineage labelling

£ 199,987 over 36 months

Entry-level Scholarships


Dr Emily Cornish, University College London: A Study of the Maternal Immune Response in Recurrent Adverse Pregnancy Outcome (The MIRAPO Study)

£18,847 over 12 months

Dr Samar Elorbany, Queen Mary University of London – Barts Cancer Institute: The effect of chemotherapy on macrophage subpopulations in human high-grade ovarian serous carcinoma

£20,000 over 9 months


Miss Samantha Nightingale, University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust: Development of a film which aims to improve a mother’s understanding and experience of induction of labour

£17,687 over 12 months

Mrs Judith Cutter, Cardiff & Vale University Health Board: Evaluation of a midwife-led early postpartum family planning service

£19,789 over 12 months

Dr Rachel Pounds, University of Birmingham: Improving the treatment outcome and survival of patients with high-grade serous ovarian cancer

£20,000 over 12 months

Dr Nina Wietek, University of Oxford: A novel method of identifying pre-cancerous lesions in ovarian cancer

£20,000 over 7 months


Dr Alison Maclean, Liverpool Women’s Hospital: Feasibility of utilising two novel approaches to characterise the human endometrial epithelial cell subtypes

£17,079 over 3 months

Dr Garth Funston, University of Manchester: Utility of biomarkers for ovarian cancer risk assessment in primary care: a feasibility study

£19,470 over 36 months

Dr Adam Brook, University of Manchester: Ameliorating the detrimental endothelial effects of free fetal haemoglobin in fetal growth restriction using hydroxychloroquine

£18,686 over 24 months


Dr Andrea Woolner, University of Aberdeen: The impact of birth-related perineal injury on future pregnancies: a Scottish population-based cohort study

£19,939 over 36 months

International Fellowships


Ms Hannah Webster, University of Salford: Promoting Respectful Maternity Care in Low Resource Settings: ‘We Care’ Project in Fort Portal, Uganda

£19,615 over 8 months