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Our Research Strategy

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Wellbeing of Women’s grant award programme seeks to improve the health of women and babies by:

  • Supporting high-quality research, defined as research with:

– realistic aims and objectives

– innovative experimental methods or approaches

– good prospects for significant scientific or clinical advance

– good value for money

  • Addressing gaps in knowledge by supporting scientifically valid medical research
  • Investing in the training of new researchers with promising potential who are seeking to work in and improve the health of women and babies
  • Meeting an identified need to improve the health of women by seeking the different opinions of experts and beneficiaries
  • Ensuring the long-term future of the charity by maintaining a reputation for quality and transparency. 


To contribute to:

  1. Equipping doctors and other health professionals with the research skills needed to help deliver the best healthcare for women and babies
  2. Developing academic research that can translate into practical benefits
  3. Further developing techniques and treatments to improve the health of women and babies
  4. Adding to the knowledge base and understanding of the health of women and babies
  5. Promoting the dissemination of research results and engaging with beneficiaries and partner organisations
  6. The maintenance and maximisation of a research portfolio that can be used to leverage continued funding.


Use of animals in research

Wellbeing of Women supports AMRC’s policy of using animals in research where absolutely necessary to advance understanding of health and disease and develop new treatments, and where there is no alternative available.