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Women over 50 are the fastest growing demographic in the workplace. But around 900,000 women have quit their jobs due to the menopause. Three in four women experience menopause symptoms and one in four have severe symptoms.

By adding your name to this campaign, you will help us encourage employers to become supportive and understanding of colleagues affected by menopause.

You can make a difference.

Without workplace support for women, symptoms such as anxiety, brain fog, fatigue, poor memory, hot flushes, and irregular and heavy bleeding can lead to:

  • Loss of confidence
  • Decreased productivity
  • Taking time off work
  • Less satisfaction with their job
  • Making the difficult decision to leave the workforce

Together, we can encourage organisations to take positive action and support all staff affected by menopause in the workplace.

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I support the campaign!

I join the campaign and call on workplaces to support women and staff going through the menopause.

Are you an employer or responsible for your workplace’s HR policies? Click here to sign the Menopause Workplace Pledge on behalf of your organisation.

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