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Board of Trustees and Royal Patron

The charity is governed by a Board of Trustees comprising respected medical and lay members.


Professor Dame Lesley Regan (Chair)

Philip Jansen

Gill Walton

Debbie White

Helen Ward

Margaret Horvath

Ranee Thakar

Sacha Nathan

Jos Cleare

Karen Green

Dr Indra Joshi

Honorary Presidents

Sir Marcus Setchell (Joint Honorary President)

Sir Victor Blank (Joint Honorary President)

Honorary Vice Presidents

Professor Andrew Goddard (President of the Royal College of Physicians)

Miss Ranee Thakar (President of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists)

Royal Patron

HRH The Duchess of Edinburgh

Special Advisers

In addition to our Trustees, we also have Special Advisers, former Trustees who continue to play a role in the future success of the charity.

Our Special Advisers are:

Lynn Hiestand

Professor Mary Ann Lumsden OBE

Eve Pollard OBE