You don't have to accept severe period pain or heavy bleeding. Join the "Just a Period" campaign
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"Just a Period"

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Millions of women, girls and people who menstruate suffer with severe period pain, heavy bleeding or irregular cycles that disrupt their lives. Instead of getting the treatment and support they desperately need, they’re often dismissed and told it’s “just a period”.

This is unacceptable.

Nobody should suffer from period symptoms holding them back.

Our "Just a Period” campaign shares information and resources – giving you answers to your questions about periods and showing you where to find help.

Painful periods and heavy bleeding aren’t ‘just’ signs that you’re on. These may be signs that you need diagnosis, treatment and support for a gynaecological condition. We’re here to help.

Join our campaign today. Together, let’s stop periods holding us back.

Periods information hub

Learn about your period and whether your symptoms could be signs of a gynaecological condition. Learn about treatment options, self-care tips, and how to get help.

Watch our webinars with medical experts, and sign up for updates.

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Women's voices

Watch videos and read about women's experiences of severe period pain, heavy bleeding, and irregular cycles. Find out how they were diagnosed with endometriosis, adenomyosis, fibroids or PCOS.

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Our research

We are the only UK charity funding pioneering research across all of women’s gynaecological and reproductive health. We have funded over £67million into finding new tests, treatments and cures since 1964.

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Take action

Join our campaign, share on social media and together let's stop periods holding us back.

To launch our "Just a Period" campaign, we held a roundtable event, hosted by our chair Professor Dame Lesley Regan, and our Campaign Ambassadors below.

Campaign ambassadors

Caroline Nokes MP, Chair of the Women & Equalities Committee
Anneleise Dobbs MP, Chair of Labour Party
Dr Nighat Arif, GP & BBC Breakfast and ITV This Morning Resident Doctor
Dr Aziza Sesay, NHS GP, GP educator & Honorary Senior Clinical lecturer
Emma Hayes, Manager of Chelsea Women FC
Alice Liveing, Influencer, personal trainer & best-selling author
Clare Nasir, TV Weather Forecaster & broadcaster
Dr Philippa Kaye, GP and ITV This Morning doctor

Research ambassadors

Dr Lucy Whitaker
Dr Varsha Jain
Dr Marianne Watters

Join our campaign

Together let’s put an end to periods that hold us back. Sign up and we'll send you information, resources and actions you can take to help us drive change. We'll also let you know about all of our work and how you can get involved.

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