You don't have to accept severe period pain or heavy bleeding. Join the "Just a Period" campaign

Periods information hub

You don't have to accept severe pain or heavy bleeding. Visit our campaign.

Wondering what counts as a heavy period? How to manage severe period pain? Or want to learn more about a specific gynaecological condition?

Our hub gives you all the information you need to help manage your symptoms, to know how and when to seek help, and where to find key support services.

Let's make sure no-one is held back by their period.


These videos feature women living with gynaecological conditions and advice from medical experts.


Myth busting - Dr Nighat Arif

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) webinar

Fibroids and adenomyosis webinar

Heavy menstrual bleeding webinar

Endometriosis webinar

Gynaecological Cancers webinar

Women's experiences

Esther’s story: PCOS

Dawn’s story: fibroids

Beth’s story: endometriosis and adenomyosis

Tanya's story: endometriosis and adenomyosis

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"Just a Period"

You don't have to accept severe pain or heavy bleeding. Find out more about our campaign for better menstrual health and read other people's stories about their periods.

Gender inclusivity

Being inclusive is absolutely critical to the success of our campaign.

We use the terms “women”, “girls”, and “people who menstruate” to reflect the fact that while most individuals affected by problem periods are women and girls, some trans, non-binary and intersex people can experience these too. Everyone who needs high quality information, treatment, care and support should be able to access it.