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From a whisper to a roar: tackling taboos in women’s health

Jessica Ennis Hill, Izzy Judd, Marissa Thomas join Wellbeing of Women Chair Prof Dame Lesley Regan to talk about women’s health.

Thursday 10 Jun 2021

Starts: 12:00 p.m. Ends: 1:00 p.m.

Online Event

From a whisper to a roar: tackling taboos in women’s health-image

To launch our new 5-year strategy, join Wellbeing of Women and a panel of celebrity and industry guests to discuss the impact of gynaecological health on women’s lives and how Wellbeing of Women are strategically focusing to best respond to the biggest impact areas and support women throughout their lives.

Our guest panel, chaired by Wellbeing of Women’s Prof Dame Lesley Regan and including Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill DBE, Olympic medallist, mother and founder women's training app, Jennis, Izzy Judd, author of Dare to Dream and host of Let’s Talk Fertility podcast, and Marissa Thomas, UK Board member of PwC and champion of women's health, will ask:

- What is the real impact of persistent stigma and taboo surrounding many women’s health issues?

- How can we, as a society, tackle these?

- How can we create positive change in women’s health and wellbeing in workplaces?

- How can we ensure women’s lives are not limited by their gynaecological and reproductive health – at work, at home and in society?

The session will help anyone in a leadership position understand the challenges faced by women in managing the impact of their gynaecological health across their lifespan – and what can be done by employers, colleagues, friends and family to be more effective allies and successfully champion women’s health and wellbeing.

We are incredibly excited to unveil Wellbeing of Women’s new strategy to ensure women’s lives and choices are not limited by their gynaecological and reproductive health.

Join the movement. Together we can amplify women’s voices and radically improve the conversation around women’s health.