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Inside our research

Three brilliant researchers funded by Wellbeing of Women will present their projects.

Wednesday 4 Nov 2020

Starts: 12:00 p.m. Ends: 1:00 p.m.

Online Event

Inside our research-image

Welcome to our first Virtual Volunteer Conference .

Every year we invite three Wellbeing of Women researchers to present on their projects, each from a different area of our work.

This year, we are delighted to introduce:

• Professor Nikki Robertson, University College London, Research Grant

Professor Robertson will talk about her research into the use of melatonin to help prevent baby brain damage as a result of infection and asphyxiation at birth.

• Dr Varsha Jain, University of Edinburgh, Research Fellow

Dr Jain will present her work on Abnormal Uterine Bleeding (AUB) that affects up to 25% of women and girls.

• Dr Sarah Kitson, University of Manchester, Research Training Fellow

Dr Kitson will present her work to create a model to predict a woman’s risk of womb cancer and subsequent interventions that could help women lower their risk.

Have a question for one of our speakers? Email [email protected] before the event and they’ll do their best to answer your questions during the session.