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At Homewell Practice, Havant, 2023

A life dedicated to healing and mentorship

Dr Emma Bowley's journey in medicine spanned nearly 40 years, leaving an indelible mark on the healthcare landscape. Her passion for women's health and commitment to training young doctors defined her legacy.

With donations made in memory of Emma, Wellbeing of Women will help to continue her commitment to women’s health, by investing in ground-breaking research, providing vital health information, and campaigning to tackle shame, stigma and silence.

Emma believed passionately in our ability to do good – by caring and being positive with everyone around us. Ultimately family, friends and home were of most importance to Emma. She was incredibly proud of her two children, Alexander and Imogen, and everything that they achieved. She was a constant support to them and her husband Jonathan (JJ), who she loved as much now as she did when they first met in 1990. Emma's Family

Emma's early years in medicine were shaped by her experiences and learning at St Mary's Hospital in London, where she laid the foundation for her lifelong dedication to patient care. It was during her student elective in Kenya that Emma witnessed first-hand the consequences and stark realities of poor reproductive health on the impoverished female population. This ignited her fervour for advocating for women's wellbeing throughout her career.

After St Mary’s, Emma's learning journey took her through Ascot, Truro, Portsmouth, and Havant, where, as a House Officer, Senior House Officer, and Registrar, she honed her skills and compassion. She then went into General Practice in Havant, where she stayed for the last 30 years. For most of this time she served as a partner and GP at the Homewell Practice, where her impact extended beyond clinical walls as she touched countless lives.

Emma's enthusiasm and expertise made her an exceptional trainer for over 20 years.  She nurtured doctors, nurses, medical students, and paramedics, shaping the next generation of healthcare professionals. She became the Programme Director for the Portsmouth GP Vocational Training Scheme in 2016, and more recently she was appointed as a ‘Support on Extension’ (SOX) educator to mentor young aspiring doctors who were struggling to become GPs.

On Student Elective, Kenya, 1989

Her aspiration was to ensure that the skills required to recognize and manage women’s health were firmly embedded within General Practice in partnership with the services offered by specialist clinics. Latterly, Emma had just begun her training to become a specialist in management of the menopause.  Her legacy lives on in the hearts of those she trained, the patients she cared for, and the colleagues she inspired.

For someone as dedicated and diligent as Emma, she found General Practice and caring for so many people very demanding and at times quite stressful.  She felt lucky that she had the opportunity to balance her life by spending time with horses and riding.  She always said that she needed this balance in order to then be the best possible wife, mother and friend. She cared for horses in the same way that she did everything else; by working hard to understand their needs and helping them to be the best that they could be.  She successfully competed in dressage at a novice level and was very excited to have just started with a new young horse that she hoped would allow her to compete still further.  She was also always incredibly happy just hacking out or simply spending time with friends around the stables.

She could see that life is fragile and precious, and she went out of her way to help everyone she could with her beautiful care and positivity.  Her answer to challenges in life was to take positive action – don’t be a victim and complain about what has happened to you or what might happen.  Instead, we must build our resilience, sometimes having to do difficult things at difficult times, and change or adapt to what has happened.


In memory of my beautiful darling Emma. I can’t imagine life without you - I will love you forever, JJ xxxx

To my gorgeous friend of over 40 years. You were simply wonderful and kind in every way. We all miss you so much and will carry you in our hearts and try to make the world a better place as you did xxx

Emma was a kind, beautiful, compassionate individual. Her work throughout her life is truly inspiring. She will be extremely missed. Sending my love to the family. Love, Jess xxx

Wonderful doctor who will be sadly missed.

Thankyou Emma for everything you did for me. I will never forget you. You changed my life 💕

Emma was a true friend, we shared all the ups and downs of owning horses and and shared much laughter and occasionally tears. She was an inspiration for her positivity and cheerfulness. She is sorely missed, the 'Badders B*tches' are no more.

Such an inspirational person who will forever be in our hearts.

Emma you are an inspiration. Thank you for the work you started. God bless.

I have worked with Emma and she was a good caring doctor to patients and staff

So honoured to have known you. Your Legacy of your family is an amazing one.

In loving memory of a very dear colleague, our wonderful GP and special friend.

A wonderful, loving, person

Some lights shine forever.

Much loved, and much missed.

Best friend of our daughter Julia

In loving memory of Cousin Emma from Helen and family, James and David and Uncle Frank. Our thoughts and love to JJ, Alex and Imogen.

Your last message helping me to look for my next horse will spur me on to follow your lead in balancing medicine with equine passion. Your legacy will never fade. Thank you dear Emma. Love to your family xxx

Although I never met Emma I always heard such wonderful things from her daughter Imogen , not only beautiful on the outside but also on the inside and it’s a tragic loss may her memory live on.

Thank you for welcoming me into your family, Life will never be the same without you. I will miss you tremendously x

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  • Help fund training and research of the next generation of doctors caring for women, girls and babies.

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