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For too long women’s health has not been prioritised. Women struggle to get the right information they need about their health, to book routine appointments and to get their basic health needs met.

Still only 2.1% of public research funding goes to women’s gynaecological health and childbirth.

We have created the Better for Women Fund to enable forward-thinking donors to invest in the future of women's health, by tackling one urgent need at a time.

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“I remember pain from the very first day I had my period. It got to a point where every month I was in the hospital because of the bleeding, the pain and the vomiting. It was extreme and was having a big impact on the quality of my life.”

Kat Francois, personal trainer and advocate for women’s health

Our first fund will focus on menstrual health

  • 49% of girls have missed a day of school because of their period.
  • 1 in 3 women suffer from heavy bleeding every month.
  • Women can wait 8 years for a diagnosis of endometriosis and 50% of those affected have reported suicidal feelings due to pain.

Gynaecological issues can have a huge effect on women’s everyday lives socially, mentally, physically and financially, including their performance at work. Period problems are holding women and girls back, in education, in their careers and in their quality of life.

You can help us change this. 

The Better for Women Fund enables forward thinking donors to invest in the future of women’s health, starting with periods.

Together we can:

  • Ensure no girl or woman is limited by her menstrual health.
  • Increase knowledge and understanding of menstrual health through vital research, leading to better diagnoses and treatments.
  • Increase education around periods and menstrual health issues through equitable access to clear and easily digestible information.
  • Raise women’s voices, break down the stigma and normalise discussion around menstrual health.

Become a Founding Supporter

Meaningful change happens when people come together united in a common cause.

Better for Women Fellow

£1,000 per year

  • Be acknowledged on our website
  • Be invited to Wellbeing of Women events
  • Receive regular updates on your impact

Better for Women Partner

£5,000 per year

  • Be acknowledged in our Annual Report
  • Be invited to briefings with researchers, doctors and others at the forefront of women’s health

Better for Women Patron

£10,000 per year

  • Be invited to exclusive lab tours to see vital research first hand

Corporate Giving

Your company can demonstrate its commitment to gender equality and supporting women and girls by becoming a founding partner of our Better for Women Fund. To find out how your organisation can benefit from supporting in this way, please contact Laura Neale at [email protected].

Varsha Jain

“Women are struggling to get the right information about their menstrual health and have their needs met. It is important that menstrual health discussions are normalised, we need to be talking about periods more, among our friends and families and especially with our doctors.”

Dr Varsha Jain, doctor of obstetrics and gynaecology

Impactful change does not happen overnight.

By becoming a Fellow, Partner, or Patron you are committing to ensuring no woman is limited by her gynaecological health, and helping to close the gender health gap.

Through the Better for Women Fund, in the first year, you will help support activities such as:

  • A Research Grant – supporting an ambitious researcher to undertake a project into menstrual health at a top UK institution.
  • Menstrual health campaign – led by women’s voices, Wellbeing of Women will develop a public facing campaign that will target the most urgent need in menstrual health where the most impact can be made.
  • Online Health Information Hub – a source of accurate up to date, reliable information, developed by medical experts, and signposting to specialist resources and support groups.
  • Capacity Building for Future Growth – to ensure the growth of the charity post pandemic in the most efficient and effective way possible, achieving the biggest impact for women.

Make a donation

Your donation will help the Better for Women Fund to:

  • invest in ground-breaking research to find the next breakthrough in women's health
  • give women and their families vital health information
  • campaign to change the future for women, girls and babies.

If you would like to give through a Trust, DAF or by cheque or bank transfer please call Caroline Christensen on 020 3697 6348 or email [email protected]

Thank you for joining the Better for Women Fund.

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Get in touch

To talk to us about the Better for Women Fund, contact Caroline Christensen, our head of philanthropy, on 020 3697 6347 or [email protected]