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Lisa Snowdon discusses lesser-known menopause symptoms

The presenter teamed up with Dr Zoe Schaedel to talk about incontinence, tinnitus and more

Lisa Snowdon

Wellbeing of Women supporter and TV presenter Lisa Snowdon went Live on Instagram with menopause expert and GP Dr Zoe Schaedel on Tuesday 13 December to discuss the lesser-known symptoms of menopause.

They focused on the more intimate symptoms of menopause, such as incontinence and vaginal atrophy, to break down barriers for women and encourage more open conversations.

Lisa said: "Swot up on these lesser-known symptoms, let's not be embarrassed.

"We just don't talk about it, we always see a menopausal woman as somebody much older who just has a hot flush, a night sweat and her periods have stopped. You don't put all these other symptoms into the mix, and these are debilitating symptoms."

Dr Zoe said: "This generation hasn't had generations before them talking about it. It's almost the first time we're having to talk about it. People find it really hard.

"The more people who are prepared to talk about it, that's going to help the young women coming through so they don't have to view it as such a negative thing."

Lisa has taken part in our Let's #ChatMenopause campaign to raise awareness of the menopause and encourage others to open up about their own stories.

She appears in a video with her partner George to discuss the impact of the menopause on relationships and the importance of having a support network.

Watch Lisa's video with partner George

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