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Maisie Hill: ‘Perimenopause can be a positive experience’

Before speaking at Wellbeing of Women’s perimenopause webinar, author and women’s health expert Maisie Hill tells us what inspired her to write about perimenopause and what to expect at the event


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Period Power, your first book, guided us through periods and hormones – what made you decide to move onto perimenopause?

There’s been so much misreporting of perimenopause and menopause and there’s such an absence of helpful and trustworthy information – a lot of women are already perimenopausal, but don’t realise what that is, and explain away the symptoms as something else.

What I’m really passionate about is giving people the facts, then they get to decide what they want to do with those.

Do we talk about perimenopause and menopause enough as a society?

No, we don't. It’s great that it’s now on the school curriculum and younger people are aware of it, but it’s important that our employers are aware of it too because it has huge consequences for what happens in the workplace.

It's all-round important information for us all to have.

What’s one thing that you wish everyone knew about perimenopause?

We’re used to thinking about menopause as something that happens when you're in your fifties, which is technically true for most people, but our hormonal landscape starts to shift long before our periods stop.

The decisions we make when we're going through perimenopause will influence what happens in the decades that happen once our period stops. So the decisions you make in your forties will influence you in your eighties.

Why should people come to the webinar?

It's something that affects all of us, but you're going to have a far better experience if you're aware of when it's going to happen, what it might look like and the variety of strategies you can use to have a positive experience.

And I want people to know that, for all the doom and gloom of the symptoms, it can be a positive experience.

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Photo credit: Rebecca Douglas