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Understanding miscarriage and baby loss webinar: Where to find more information

Ahead of our online discussion, where can you find more support?


Despite affecting one in four pregnancies, miscarriage and baby loss is little understood or discussed.

So on Wednesday 24th February, obstetrician and gynaecologist Professor Dame Lesley Regan and The Times journalist Lucy Bannerman, will talk about about it in our webinar: Understanding miscarriage and pregnancy loss.

A leader in women’s health with a special interest in miscarriage, Prof Regan will talk about the experience of pregnancy loss, moving from the biology and physical experience to the emotional impact. Lucy will share her own experience of miscarriage, as recently published in her incredibly powerful article in The Times.

However, the devastating experience of losing a baby takes much more than one event to comprehend.

If you want to find out more about stillbirth, or need support following your own loss, visit one of these websites:

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