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Women's Health Community Fund Updates

We teamed up with Holland & Barrett to launch the first Women's Health Community Fund in September 2023. Take a look at what our recipients have achieved so far and find out about upcoming events.

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The Women’s Health Community Fund provides resources to individuals and groups in under-served communities with a specific focus on those from lower income families, ethnically diverse communities, those with disabilities and who are LGBTQ+.

There is still a lot of work that needs to be done to ensure that all individuals have access to accurate and culturally appropriate information, as well as the support they need during this life stage. Menopause affects all people directly and indirectly.” Nina Kuypers Black Women in Menopause


Meet Fareeha Jay

Fareeha is a freelance dietitian with a particular focus on South Asian diets. She shares why menopause support is needed in her community and the motivation to apply for the fund:

"There are two reasons why menopause support is needed for South Asian women. One is that this is a taboo topic, and shame is associated with it. Secondly, there is a lot of guidance on diet for perimenopause and menopause; however, that guidance is not culturally tailored to the needs of South Asian women".

Women's Health Community Fund has enabled me to run these sessions online but has also helped me amplify my voice, which I cannot do alone. It's a lot more than funding. It's about providing me with a platform to showcase my work.