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New women's health priorities a positive step - but more funding needed

Wellbeing of Women welcomes the announcement of key priorities to improve women's health from the Health Secretary, but is calling for more investment across the life-course.

The Health Secretary at the Women's Health Summit

Janet Lindsay, CEO of Wellbeing of Women said: “Wellbeing of Women welcome the Health Secretary’s commitment today to tackling menstrual health problems, menopause symptoms and safer pregnancy and birth. We are delighted that Professor Dame Lesley Regan, who is also our chair, has been reappointed as Women’s Health Ambassador for the next two years.

We have successfully campaigned in the last three years to break the shame and stigma around the menopause and heavy and painful periods.

Women’s Health Hubs are a great initiative however, to make a real and long-lasting difference to women’s lives, they will need more sustained funding in this cash strapped climate.

A commitment to research to tackle disparities in maternal health is very welcome but if we are to make a difference for women’s health across the life course, we will need additional funding for women’s health research to tackle all the challenges facing women’s reproductive health. Women’s health research is still chronically underfunded.

Sustainable funding for grassroots organisations working directly with marginalised communities is also needed. Our Health Collective, launched in September 2023, is bringing together grassroots organisations to show the importance of the unique work they are doing, within and for their local communities which cannot be guaranteed without sustained funding."

We have successfully campaigned in the last three years to break the shame and stigma around the menopause and heavy and painful periods." Janet Lindsay Wellbeing of Women CEO

The announcement came during the inaugural Women's Health Summit, hosted at the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Priorities were outlined to champion new ways to get women the best support for all life stages.

Problem periods, women’s health research and support for domestic and sexual abuse victims were among the government’s priorities for women’s health in 2024. Additionally, improving maternity care and support for mothers who suffer birth trauma, including a £50 million increase for research to improve maternity health outcomes.

Wellbeing of Women CEO, Janet Lindsay and Dr Nighat Arif standing together at the Women's Health Summit
Health Collective Nighat and Lesley (2)

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