You don't have to accept severe period pain or heavy bleeding. Join the "Just a Period" campaign

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You don't have to accept severe pain or heavy bleeding. Visit our campaign.

“Just a Period” social media toolkit

Thank you for supporting our “Just a Period” campaign. With your help, we can educate, support and empower women, girls and people who menstruate to recognise when their period is negatively impacting their life – and how they can get the help they need.

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  • For too long, period pain and heavy bleeding have been dismissed. That’s why I’m standing with the @wellbeingofwmen #JustAPeriod campaign to help women get the advice and information they need

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I'm supporting the @wellbeingofwomen "Just a Period" campaign.

Millions of women and girls suffer with severe period pain or heavy bleeding that disrupts their lives. They’re told it’s “just a period”.

This is unacceptable.

Painful periods and heavy bleeding aren’t ‘just’ signs that you’re on. They may be signs that you need medical advice, diagnosis, and treatment for a gynaecological condition.

Join the "Just a Period” campaign today. Together let’s put an end to periods that hold us back


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