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If you're worried about your health, your doctor or midwife is always the best person to speak to. But if you would like to find out more about symptoms and problems that affect lots of women, here is some useful information to get you started.

We focus on three key areas

Pregnancy and birth complications

Gynaecological cancers

Wellbeing issues

Fertility, pregnancy and birth complications

Getting pregnant and having a baby can be a very exciting time, but also an overwhelming one.

Find out more about starting a family here:

Gynaecological cancers

Each year in the UK, over 21,000 women are diagnosed with a gynaecological cancer.

There are five types: cervical, ovarian, vaginal, vulval and womb cancer.

Find out more about symptoms, diagnosis and treatment here:

Wellbeing issues

This covers areas of women’s health which affect many of us, can feel embarrassing and are often little understood such as incontinence, menopause and endometriosis.

Learn about these and other conditions here:

Help and advice

If you are worried about any symptoms or want to find out more about pregnancy or any women’s health conditions, the best place to seek advice is always your GP, midwife or healthcare professional.

The NHS website also contains the most reliable, up-to-date information:

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