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60th Anniversary Fund

From period problems and starting a family, to gynaecological cancers and menopause, Wellbeing of Women has been here for women’s gynaecological and reproductive health for 60 years.

Over the past six decades, we have invested over £68 million in 600 pioneering medical research projects focused on women’s health and wellbeing. We are dedicated to improving knowledge and understanding of both rare and common women’s health conditions. We have celebrated incredible breakthroughs which have led to changes in treatment and improved care and outcomes for millions of women, girls, and babies in the UK and around the world.

Today, we take ultrasound screening of pregnant women for granted but the importance of this and the use of folic acid in pregnancy was discovered by Wellbeing of Women's research. Our research also helped establish the link between HPV and cervical cancer, resulting in the first preventative school-wide vaccination programme and dramatically reducing the cases of cervical cancer.

Funding for women’s health is minimal, with less than 2.4% of public funds being allocated to understand and improve diagnosis and treatment of conditions which affect women and girls. This lack of prioritisation means that millions of women’s needs are ignored. Instead of fulfilling their potential, women are left suffering from debilitating symptoms without the care they deserve.

We need your help to bring hope to the millions of women whose are daily lives are made unbearable because of undiagnosed and untreated conditions.

By supporting the Diamond Dinner, you will enable the launch of the Wellbeing of Women 60th Anniversary Fund. This fund will invest in groundbreaking high quality research projects and support education and advocacy campaigns. Your donation will lead to improved treatment, care and support for millions of women.

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Donate now and help us change lives today and celebrate breakthroughs tomorrow, transforming the future for women.

  • £250 could change lives today by enabling us to share resources and information about health conditions, removing stigmas and supporting women to ask for help 
  • £500 could help us raise awareness of painful periods and stop women from feeling dismissed and ignored
  • £1000 could transform the future of women’s health by contributing to the costs of a vital medical trial designed to lead to improved care and treatment of endometriosis

60th Anniversary Fund

Every donation to the 60th Anniversary Fund helps us change lives today through tackling misinformation and stigma and encouraging women to seek help while also transforming the future of women’s healthcare by enabling us to invest in vital research.

Will you give a 60th anniversary gift and bring hope to millions of women and their families?

You can make a difference to women who may be struggling with infertility, coping with heavy periods, experiencing the heartbreak of miscarriage or feeling devastated by a cancer diagnosis.


Will you give a 60th anniversary gift and help support research like Dr Paraskavaidi's that is bringing hope to the thousands of women diagnosed each year with cervical or vulval cancer?

Dr Maria Paraskavaidi is studying the use of laser technology to assist the diagnosis and treatment of often deadly cervical and vulval cancers.

“With Wellbeing of Women’s funding, my team and I will be able to take our research to the next level and into the clinic to assess the impact on patient outcomes.”

Dr Paraskavaidi’s research could help women like Aoife Rafter who was diagnosed with cervical cancer at 27 and has had to undergo a hysterectomy.

“I read the biopsy results from my doctor – they concluded that I had a cancerous tumour quite high up in my cervical canal. At 27 years old, I had cervical cancer. My heart broke that day forever.” Aoife P. Rafter

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To talk to us about the Wellbeing of Women's 60th Anniversary Fund, contact Caroline Christensen, our Head of Philanthropy, on 020 3697 6347 or [email protected].