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Donate to our Big Give Christmas Challenge

This year’s appeal is our most ambitious yet, with £32,000 to raise for research that will improve outcomes for vulnerable pregnant women


We are excited to announce that our Big Give Christmas Challenge is now live – and this year’s target is our highest yet, which means your support can go even further to help women and their babies.

Thanks to matched funding from the Big Give and The Julia and Hans Rausing Trust, every pound you donate during the challenge will be doubled. This year’s target is £32,000 and we are raising funds for research that will improve outcomes for vulnerable pregnant women.

Donate now to contribute to our vital research.

We are currently funding several projects in this area, including research led by midwife Sara Cumming, who is investigating the impact of homelessness on pregnancy. She identified a research gap around the experiences of women who are ‘homeless at home’, which means they are homeless but living in temporary accommodation.

Sara said: “Temporary accommodation, such as sofa surfing, hostels, B&Bs and council-owned accommodation, is a recognised form of homelessness, but I realised it is a grey area in research. I felt there were a huge number of women’s voices that were silenced as a result.  

“I will use my findings to develop a support tool to help all midwives understand the specific needs of women who are homeless in pregnancy and tailor care to their needs, which will include working with keyworkers and others.”  

She continued: “Without campaigns like the Big Give, research like mine wouldn’t be possible. I wouldn’t be collecting information or gathering stories that have the power to change people’s lives by reducing health inequalities and improving outcomes for women.” 

Midwife Joanne Cull, who has received a National Institute for Health & Care Research and Wellbeing of Women Doctoral Fellowship, is investigating what information and support can be given to help pregnant women who have been negatively affected by trauma.

While there has been research exploring outcomes for pregnant women who have experienced trauma, she has discovered there’s very little research on how healthcare professionals discuss that trauma with women – and the research that does exist is flawed.

With research such as that being carried out by Ms Cull, we hope continuity of care and care planning can be improved for pregnant women who have experienced trauma.

“Asking women about previous trauma could help us plan the right care for them, including continuity of care, to help them develop trust and feel safe," she added.

“I’m developing a method of talking about trauma, a set of resources for women, and training for healthcare professionals."

“Campaigns such as the Big Give are vital in helping researchers make a difference for women and their babies. Thank you for your donations and for helping to improve outcomes for women.”

Our researcher Dr Shuby Puthussery is exploring why Black, Asian and minority ethnic women, and women who are socioeconomically disadvantaged are less likely to access antenatal care during the first three months of pregnancy.

The project, based in Luton, incorporates a range of accessible and informative community-based initiatives, which are aimed at building local knowledge and awareness of the value of early antenatal care. The initiatives will enhance women’s access to antenatal care and improve the health of women and their babies, giving them the best possible chance of a healthy pregnancy.

Shuby said: “It will empower local women to have a voice in their own care and give them the opportunity to act as champions in their communities to spread the word about the importance of attending ANC early in pregnancy.”

The Big Give appeal will run for one week, closing at 12pm on Tuesday 6 December, so be sure to donate before then to ensure your money is doubled.

Every woman deserves to feel safe and supported during their pregnancy. With your donations, we can make a difference.

Donate to our Big Give Christmas Challenge

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