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Learn about mental health before and after pregnancy

Hear from a mental health expert and an inspiring mum at our next virtual event on 16th June


Please note: This is a past event

Pregnancy, birth and introducing your little one to the world can be an incredible time, but also put extra pressure on your mental health.

And during the COVID-19 pandemic - especially if you're feeling isolated or worried about the future - protecting it is as important as ever.

In our next webinar on Tuesday 16th June consultant perinatal psychiatrist, Dr Roch Cantwell, will join mum-of-three, Luisa Zissman, to discuss maternal mental health from both clinical and personal perspectives.

Dr Cantwell will cover why it's important to maintain good mental health during this time, what mental health issues you might experience and how to lower risk.

Zissman will share her lived experience of postnatal depression, offering insight into what it's really like living with this common but often difficult illness.

Whether you're a mum-to-be, partner or just want to find out more, we look forward to seeing you there.