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Lisa Snowdon #ChatsMenopause with partner, George

The Celebrity MasterChef winner and her partner, George Smart, appear in the final campaign video of our series to help normalise conversations


TV presenter and Celebrity MasterChef winner Lisa Snowdon has filmed a candid video in support of our Let’s #ChatMenopause campaign, sharing how her partner, George, has been crucial in supporting her through the menopause.

Lisa explains how she would have ‘out of character symptoms’ and still struggles today. George, her partner, talks about the importance of men supporting their partners by being patient and understanding.

Speaking about the campaign, Lisa says: “I started experiencing menopause symptoms in my early forties and it really threw me. I experienced feelings of anxiety, depression, loss of confidence and anger. It was so out of character, and I almost didn’t know who I was. There were days I didn’t want to go to work or leave the house.

“George has been my rock. He’s been so understanding and the most positive person I know. It’s one of the reasons why I’m backing the Let’s #ChatMenopause campaign. I feel passionately that we need to include men in the conversation too. The menopause affects everyone – not just women, but men as well, such as partners, husbands, sons, fathers, friends and colleagues. The menopause isn’t something to be embarrassed or ashamed about and the more that everyone knows about it, the better.”

George adds: “It can be hard seeing the person you love trying to cope with what can be difficult and often unpredictable feelings and symptoms. I’ll never fully understand what Lisa is going through, but what I can do is be there for her the best that I can by being patient and empathising.

“I am of a generation where I couldn’t speak to my mum or dad about this. My mum probably dealt with things very differently, as the menopause can affect people in various ways. It’s not something that was openly talked about, which is why we need more public conversations that involve everyone.”

In the video, Lisa also questions George about his outlook on the menopause and how this has helped him support her.

George says: “You don’t win a football game with a great centre forward. You’ve got to have a team and I think we are a team. We are a team that works really well together.“

We are grateful to Lisa and George for their support and to everyone who has contributed to our Let’s #ChatMenopause campaign so far.

Together, by sharing our personal stories about the menopause and perimenopause, we can begin to make menopause part of everyday conversation. This will help to break down barriers so women can feel able to get the help and support they may need.

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