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Menopause Xplored

Menopause Xplored

Free training for small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) in Milton Keynes and Bedfordshire, combining virtual reality with expert information and advice.

Upcoming training sessions

16 May 2024: Leighton Buzzard


12 June 2024: Luton


27 June 2024: Milton Keynes


Women over the age of 50 are the fastest-growing demographic in the workplace. At this stage in their careers, women are often at their most successful, productive and experienced. Yet it’s in the workplace that many people struggle with menopause symptoms. This can lead to them reducing their hours, passing up promotion or leaving their job altogether.

As a society, we have not been talking openly about menopause for long. It can still be hard to find the right information and support. Many women struggle in silence – including at work.

The good news? It doesn’t have to be this way. There are simple steps organisations can take to support people going through the menopause. Steps to retain staff and avoid skills shortages – and help women flourish.

Menopause training for SMEs

We can help employers in small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) understand menopause and offer their colleagues the right kind of support.

Our free interactive workshops cover:

- what is the menopause?

- the range of possible symptoms

- how it might affect your employees

- what you and your organisation can do to help.

The workshop was eye-opening. I hadn’t really considered the impact menopause could have on my colleagues and how I could support them. We now have much more open discussions and are talking about ways we can support our colleagues going through menopause.” Leigh-Anne Cruickshank Senior Operations Manager, Total Wellbeing Luton

Free training for SMEs

The one-hour workshops involve:

- an immersive film, viewed through a virtual reality (VR) headset

- information and guidance from leading menopause expert Diane Danzebrink

- group discussion and questions

- resource packs and downloadable toolkits.

There are two free places available for each organisation.

One of the highlights was the VR, which gave me a good feel for what women might experience and the challenges they face. It prompted me to make some changes to our policies and practices and I’m working on updating our people development and management programmes to include menopause training as standard.” Charlotte Richmond Head of Employee Engagement & Wellbeing, Aimmi

Who is the training for?

The workshops are for small and medium sized businesses in Milton Keynes, Bedfordshire and Luton. They’re for women and men of all ages and in all sorts of roles – those with HR responsibilities, as well as managers and business owners.

I strongly encourage men and women in all roles and from all types of organisations to come along to our training. It’s not just for office-based businesses. Women experiencing menopause are working in all sectors of employment; warehouses, hospitality, health and beauty, the care sector, retailers etc. And there are always improvements that can be made to support those experiencing menopause.” Diane Danzebrink Expert trainer, and founder of Menopause Support

You don’t have to have a formal HR department to be able to support your colleagues through menopause. Small changes can go a long way. Even with minimal resources, it’s possible to create a comfortable and supportive work environment and a positive workplace culture.

If you have any questions about the training, please email [email protected]. Or visit our FAQs.

Menopause in the workplace resources

If you are an employer looking for more information on how to support your colleagues going through the menopause, or are experiencing it yourself, there are useful online resources available here.

These were collated as part of our Menopause Workplace Pledge campaign.

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We are working with Menopause Reality, a multi-film immersive project from Forward Slash Films, and menopause expert Diane Danzebrink of Menopause Support to create workplace training through a series of interactive workshops for small and medium organisations in Milton Keynes and Bedfordshire.

This project is funded through the VCSE Health and Wellbeing Fund, part of a partnership programme between Department of Health & Social Care, NHS England and UK Health Security Agency.